Airbnb / Short Term Rental

Want to delight your customers by keeping your Airbnb looking its best? Our professional housekeepers are exactly what you’re looking for.

Buy a bundle of cleanings and save and then schedule one or more short-term rental cleanings at your convenience. Use on online booking to purchase one or a bundle of cleanings which you can fully customize, to offer you the maximum in flexibility and convenience so you can focus on building your short-term rental business and living your best life. Rescheduling any cleaning is super easy and just one click away. Our residential maids always arrive and finish on-time and leave your rental home, apartment, or condo ready for the next guests. Use our Live Pricing & Real-Time Booking Pages to plan a season’s cleaning in advance and save!

Empty all trash receptacles and load new bags 

Wipe all surfaces

Vacuum or mop all floors and carpets

Dust furniture

Clean all appliances inside and outside

Clean and shine all sinks, bathtubs, and shower stalls

Change linen and towels

Do laundry if requested

Add more supplies from the supply room if needed 


Proven disinfection method to kill viruses including COVID-19

Kills 99.99% of viruses, bacteria, fungi, and other pathogens

Trained experts wear full Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Disinfection by thorough hospital grade spray and wipe procedure

Disinfects laptops, keyboards, telephones, and other high-touch items

Immediate post-disinfection reoccupation

OC Cleaning Pricing

Less Than 1000SQFT $205 $280 $435
1001-1500 SQFT $255 $350 $505
1501-2000 SQFT $305 $420 $575
2001-2500 SQFT $355 $490 $665
2501-3000 SQFT $405 $560 $755
Pricing General Cleaning Deep Clean Move In/Out
Clean Refrigerator $53.90 $53.90 Included
Oven Cleaning $59 $59 Included
Small Balcony Cleaning $35 $35 $35
Large Balcony Cleaning $75 $75 $75
Interior Window Cleaning $64.90 $64.90 Included
Interior Window Cleaning (4 Beds+) $108.90 $108.90 Included
Carpet Steam Cleaning $110 per room (2 room minimum) $110 per room (2 room minimum) $110 per room (2 room minimum)
Additional Full Bathrooms (ea) $22 $22 $22
Additional Half Bathrooms (ea) $15 $15 $15
Exterior Window Cleaning $110 $110 $110
Inside Cupboards $55 (must be empty) $55 (must be empty) Included

What our Customer Says

Veronica Perez
Veronica Perez
OC House Cleaning did a great job with my windows. They were on time and got the job done while I worked. I will definitely use their services again.
Christin Holcomb
Christin Holcomb
We've been using OC House Cleaning for over a year. They are incredibly efficient in their work and coordinating with them is very convenient. I was looking for someone to come once a month, and found that other services made scheduling difficult, or would end up charging more due to the lower frequency. This was not the case with OC House Cleaning.
Christy LeMay
Christy LeMay
I had my windows cleaned in April. They still look beautiful inside and out. OC Home Solutions were in time, efficient and cleanly for a 3 story townhouse! I'll use them again!
Nichol Duenes
Nichol Duenes
We have been very pleased with OC House Cleaning. We have a big family and a large dog, so the sweet cleaners take good care of our home bi -weekly. Very professional and hard working. Also responsive on text messages and email to keep us updated and reminded.
Jeff Abbasi
Jeff Abbasi
I typically clean my house myself and with the help of my children. However, I sometimes need assistance when I don't have time to do a deep clean. I really liked the idea of having someone clean my house for me, especially when I don't have time. I was really impressed by the quality of the cleaning, and the price was unbeatable. I would recommend this service to anyone who is looking for a professional and affordable house cleaning service.
Shelly Kissinger
Shelly Kissinger
I am extremely happy I booked OC House Cleaning Service to do a deep cleaning of my home! The ladies that came were so very nice and professional. I am disabled and so is my daughter and are not able to keep up with deep cleaning like we use to. Everything is sparkling like I’ve never sent before. Every corner of every room was cleaned and nothing was missed! They cleaned my vents my cupboard doors shine and even the inside of my microwave sparkled! This was a very smart decision and so worth the price! Thank you OC House Cleaning Service!